Discrete events, time and movement study for big sacks logistics


  • Characterizing the supply of powdered material (up to 40 tons/hour), identifying causes of delays, bottlenecks, and opportunities for increasing production.


Solutions and Results:

  • The sack supply process involved forklifts, hoists, operators, storage, elevators, hopper filling and emptying, and more.
  • Documentation of subprocesses and measurement of operation times.
  • Statistical model for estimating speeds, filling rates, emptying rates, transportation, and handling.
  • Development of a predictive discrete event model for operations with random elements.
  • Determination of resource utilization and buffer storage behavior at different movement stations.
  • Proposed strategies to increase capacity, buffers, logistics, and loading/unloading procedures for elevators.
  • Medellin, Colombia, 2022