construcción de viaducto y muelle de carbón a granel

Supervision of Design and Construction for Bulk Coal Loading Viaduct and Pier


  • Quality control and schedule adherence for the construction of a marine pier designed for 24/7 operations.
  • Solutions and Results:
  • Adherence to high-risk environmental conditions, including storms, lightning, and tides.
  • Offshore piloting for a 1600 m viaduct and 800 m pier height.
  • Strict quality assurance and control plan.
  • Synchronized scheduling for piloting, superstructure assembly, and road surface layer casting.
  • Concrete quality assurance plan.
  • Control of pile penetration into the seabed.
  • Precision topographical control.
  • Approximate investment: $90 million USD.
  • Dibulla, La Guajira